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Embrace the dream of the rainbow generation
Please keep giving. To Donate for Tsunami Victims Please Contact Us:

Tsunami Relief Committee:
Bob Balan, Director, Jhayne M. Eddy-Wesse, Esq., Paul Govindan, Baskar Pandian, 
Dr. M. R. Pandian, Odai Peri, Dr. J. Ramakrishanan, & Dr. Rom Ramakrishanan
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The will never forget Christmas 2004

When the Tsunami hit in 2004, over 230,000 people died and 1/3rd of them were vulnerable children.  WON was able to raise donations to distribute to orphans and other victims in India.  
Thousands of U.S. dollars were distributed to tsunami victims to:

  • Provide for Orphans in India
  • Provide school tuition books & school supplies for a year for 1,000 children in the fishermen illages devastated by the tsunami
  • Mental Health Trauma Theraphy for tsunami victims through Senha Foundation
Disaster Relief
Thanks for Turning the Tide.
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