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Embrace the dream of the rainbow generation

California is home to the nation's largest concentration of immigrants.  Over 8.8million immigrants live in California which is 30.9% of total U.S. immigrant population.  With an unprecedented 1.2 million immigrants settling in the United States each year, the world that our children will not look like the one we live in today. E.M.B.R.A.C.E. is designed to prepare our youth for is multicultural transition.  
The opening show, I Dream of a New World, is a large production with models and performers that illustrates the beauty and strength of ethnic diversity.

  • The History & Unity of the American Dream:  The history of immigration since the foundation of America and the shared dream which has brought people of every nation and color together;
  • The Parade of Nations: Ninety different nations from every continent around the world parade in historical chronology, displaying the beauty and diversity of Los Angeles and the power of a multi-cultural society;
  • The Music and Dance of the Diverse Cultures of Los Angeles: Music and dance including the Native American Pow Wow, Irish Dancing, African Tribal Dance, Salsa, Stomp, Taiko Drummers, unified with Hip Hop illustrating the unique value of the diverse ethnic groups that live within the U.S., making our nation one of the most accepting and embracing in the world.
EMBRACE: I Dream of a New World Production
EMBRACE: The Curriculum
The EMBRACE curriculum is taught for the weeks following the event to the youth in order to build multi-cultural leaders with character and values while addressing issues of racial reconciliation, education, literacy, substance abuse and violence.

E..M.B.R.A.C.E.  is an acronym for: 

Embracing Memories: Based on the axiom "those who forget their history are bound to repeat it", children learn about past acts of racism.

Breaking Racism: This section brings racial reconciliation through acknowledgment, repentance, forgiveness and mutual respect.  This includes exercises and open-minded discussion which requires our children to reconsider their own beliefs.

Accepting Cultures & Ethnicites: Raising up multi-cultural leaders.  Building self-respect, respect for others and achieving common community goals through Embracism by training children to identify and implement character and universal values.  

If you want EMBRACE at your youth facility or if you want to participate or donate, please contact us.
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For more info see: www.Embracism.org