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Jhayne M. Eddy-Wessel, Esq.
Founder & CEO

ABOUT THE FOUNDER: Jhayne Eddy-Wessel, Esq., is the president and founder of The Wealth of Nations Foundation.  As a former attorney with the County of Los Angeles, Jhayne has represented thousands of teens who have been in trouble with the law as a result of abuse, neglect and abandonment.  She represented children who were incarcerated for crimes, including kids that were identified as future serial Killers and sexually violent predators.  After years of working with youth and families she came to undestand the dysfunctions that lead to juvenile delinquency.  In the 2000, Jhayne ended her empoyment with the County of Los Angeles to incorporate The Wealth of Nations Foundation  (WON) as a nonprofit organization.  Through WON, Jhayne has targeted some major social concerns that deteriorate the quality of life for youth.
FATHERLESSNESS & THE FATHER'S HEART: As a result of fatherlessness that caused many of the children to go astray, in 2001, Jhayne founded A Father's Heart Executive Committee, a group of male community leaders who, as extraordinary role-models, are committed to rehabilitating at-risk youth and promoting fatherhood.  Annually, she leads the Father's Heart Breakfast for Father's Day, honoring a man who is "a father to the fatherless". Jhayne has written and produced Y-FLY! (Your Fathers Love You!), at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood and at the University of Southern California, a program for fatherless youth from the foster care system, probation and the projects.  Y-FLY! role models positive males to fatherless children.  Jhayne has also brought hair stylist and make up artists to incarcerated girls to build their self-esteem.
CULTURAL DIVERSITY, RISK AVOIDANCE, & EMBRACE: With a Juris Doctor law degree as well and bachlors degree in communications (Rhetorical and Multi-cultural studies) and political science, Jhayne was very concerned about the youth of this nations and their inability to adapt to the growing global economy (GGE) and the multi-cultural society that we live in.  Jhayne wrote the EMBRACE diversity curriculum along with I Dream of A New World production that reached several thousand youth in Los Angeles County schools and juvenile halls. EMBRACE teaches the value of cultural diversity, assimiliation into a pluralistic society, life skills, career development, and risk avoidance of potential obstacles for youth such as teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, literacy and gang involvement.  EMBRACE has been awarded the Productivity and Quality Award by the County of Los Angeles and has been recognized as one of the top 20 programs in Los Angeles County. 
TSUNAMI RELIEF: In 2004, when many countries around the world were hit by the devasating tsunami and children were tragically affected, Jhayne formed the Tsunami Relief Fund and raised money to bring support to the tsumami orphans in India.  Several thousand children were given provision, school supplies, school tuition, and trauma treament.
RENEW TEEN PREGNANCY & STD PREVENTION AND RISK AVOIDANCE: In January of 2007, Jhayne became the Executive Director of Don't Get Crushed, a Community-Based Abstinence Education program (CBAE), with oversight and funding by the U.S. Departmen of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth and Families.  With this grant of $3,000,000 over 5 years, Jhayne led the program to reach over 3,000 teens per year with 20 hours of abstinence education each.  As a result, ACYF asked Jhayne to lead all CBAE prgorams in California and Hawaii which totaled over 24,000 teens per year in these 2 states and over $24,000,000 in resources.  Jhayne also mentored other CBAE programs such as Clean Slate of Los Angeles into success.  Now Jhayne has authored Renew, a teen pregnancy prevention curriculum for youth who are exposed to sex. 

Jhayne believes that all youth need positive role models.  Jhayne doesn't want to give up on at-risk youth who not only need rehabilitation but also restoration; that means wholeness mentally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.  Jhayne has been recognized by the Los Agneles County Board of Supervisors for her work with at-rsik youth.  She has been recognized by the federal government for her success in reaching all teens with teen pregnancy prevention education.  Needless to say, Jhayne not only has experience in working with teens and at-risk youth, but she also has a heart for them.  Hurting children have deeply attached to Jhayne and see her as a postive role model that inspires them to reach for the stars. 

About Wealth of Nations Foundation
Founded in 2000, The Wealth of Nations Foundation (WON) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organiztion for youth.  Countless youth come from dysfunctional homes and are struggling to make the right choices for life and for a better future.  

Since 2000, WON has been reaching at-risk youth with hope.  We have gone from juvenile halls, to schools, community centers, churches, fostercare system, and orphanages in third world countries to reach children and teens who are hurting and broken.  From mentoring programs for fatherless youth to teen pregnancy prevention, disater relief  and   ethnic diversity training, WON has been working to bring a brighter day for our youth.

WON has been recognized by the Los Angeles County for its extraordinary rehabilitative programs for youth.
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