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Embrace the dream of the rainbow generation
About Our Leadership
Michael W. Wessel, CFO


Michael W.Wessel is the Chief Financial Officer of The Wealth of Nations Foundation.  As a strong leader in business on wall street and the national mortgage industry for 22 years, Michael oversaw budgets exceeding $25,000,000 per year and mortgage production in excess of $120 million per month.  Michael managed over 900 employees in 5 different call-centers nation-wide.  With a heart for youth, Michael brings his 22 years of financial experience to strengthen The Wealth of Nations Foundation and provide excellent fiscal management of WON's grants and donations.  Michael is committed to serving needy childen and at-risk teens both locally and world-wide.  Michael has educated and mentored hundreds of youth in areas inlcuding teen pregnancy prevention, STD prevention, drug abuse prevention, career development, and spritual education.  Michael has a true spirit of excellence which is evident in everything he does. Through his own personal challenges, Michael has learned to be an overcomer and a Spirit-filled leader.  His painful experiences enable him to reach men in struggling marriages, drug/alcohol addiction, and the elderly as well as young men with a vision for their financial future.  Michael's extensive experience is complemented by a BS degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University. 
John Hill
Chairman of A Father's Heart

Benjamin & Priscilla Jesudasson
Diretors, Wealth Of Nations


Since 2003, John HIll is the Chairman of the Father's Heart Executive Committee of the Wealth of Nations Foundation.  He is also the founder of Father's Heart Heartline, a 24/7 hot-line for fatherless youth to have access to father-figures.  John has a tremendous heart for fatherless youth.  As a foster child himself, growing up, John faced many challenges including fatherlessness, poverty and illiteracy.  As migrant farm worker in his youth, John taught himself how to read and strived to rise above his circumstances.  John's painful experiences in his youth have made him the man he is today.  John knows how to overcome these painful obstacles and be successful in spite of.  John shares his father's heart with the fathless youth. As the former Chief of Staff for Los Angeles County Superviser, Yvonne Brathewaite Burke of the 2nd District, John helped lead the County of Los Angeles.  John was also the the director of the County's Diversity Program and developed the county's diversity curriculum.  As a government and community leader, husband, father of four children and with a heart toward the fatherless, John is an excellent father-figure to fatherless youth.  
Ben & Priscilla Jesudasson are directors and leadership coordinators with the Wealth of Nations Foundation. As an attorney Ben has been a strong legal mind assisting people in personal injury, estate planning and other areas of law.  As a nurse educator, Priscilla has been recognized for her work with the community in health education, disease prevention and health care with the honorable "Daisy Award", a distinction given only to the best of nurses.  Having been married over 25 years, Ben & Priscilla are commited to strong family values.  They have three beautiful children and are commited to reaching hurting youth.  Their strong committment to their marriage, children, family and their community, makes them the ideal role-models for our fatherless youth.

Dr. Ricketts stands out among physicians as a dedicated volunteer whose efforts reach those in medical need worldwide. She serves as a team leader on missions which provide impoverished people throughout the world with vital medical and dental care. These philanthropic missions have taken Dr. Ricketts to Nepal, Ghana, Bulgaria, Bethlehem, Palestine, Gambia, and most recently, Cambodia. Dr. Ricketts has also been extremely dedicated to serving her local community throughout her years in practice. Dr. Ricketts recently retired as a professor at the UCLA School of Medicine and Assistant Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Ricketts has a mother's heart for hurting youth and is an excellent role model.
Vena Ricketts, M.D.
Diretor, Wealth Of Nations

Ahmed Saker
Diretor, Wealth Of Nations

Ahmed Saker is a director of the Wealth of Nations Foundation.  As a medic for the entertainment industry, Ahmed has worked in highly recognized movies.  For years, Ahmed has served the community through his church and philanthropic efforts.  Ahmed truly has a father's heart for fatherless youth and is an excellent role model for our hurting kids.